Sustainable protection of environment and society

Environmental protection has been a firm anchor point in Germany industry for years – but it has a special tradition at A. I. Schulze. Our enterprise was already anxious to reconcile its commercial operations with nature conservation and environmental protection efforts over 50 years ago. This pioneering work has evolved to a stage where environmental controls are integrated in the products and supported by the latest technologies.

Our company sees environmental protection and social corporate responsibility as one inseparable unit in industry. As a “good corporate citizen” we have a sense of duty and feel bound to invest our commercial and technological expertise in the protection of both society and the environment on a global scale.

We encourage environmental stewardship among youth

Young people who are committed to the environment today will play a major role in making the decisions which will affect the future of our planet tomorrow. A. I. Schulze is therefore keen to raise awareness of the importance of pollution control among young people all over the world and to assist those who are interested.


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