Innovation and sustainability are the basis of our success

Dieter BartkowiakInnovative products and sustainable management are central and fundamental to our future success – as clearly highlighted by the financial crisis. We have responded to the economic crisis by making the commitment to sustainability an even higher priority in our company, and we have set ourselves new ambitious targets for 2015 which will strengthen the integration of sustainability in our business operations.

We work with sustainability in mind, abiding by a corporate code of ethics and accepting our responsibility to society. Our mission and common values guide us as we pursue our goals.

Our innovations are helping to solve the major challenges of our time – especially the conservation of ever scarcer resources.

We want to reconcile economic growth with environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Acting in the interests of sustainability and adopting an attitude of accountability always involve putting measures in place to ensure maximum safety.

One major strength of A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. is the company’s high level of commitment to its employees. It is important to motivate staff and to encourage them to keep developing their skills and abilities therefore this is central to our professional development policy.

We strive to bring as much diversity and international variety as possible into our workforce to underline the fact that we are a global company. Our network of companies with 21 General Agencies in 42 sales areas reflects this aim. A.I. Schulze expects all its employees to uphold impeccable ethical standards and to observe legal compliance in their day-to-day business dealings.

Innovation and sustainability are the driving forces behind our business – as enshrined in our mission statement: “A.I. Schulze: Science For A Better Life”. This is also our pledge to the company.


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