Company profile

The network of companies between the sole manufacturer A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik and the Commercial Representative D. Bartkowiak Sales and Logistics More>>

Quality management

Awareness of quality has always been an essential part of our company culture. A.I. Schulze has set up a quality management system based on the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. More>>


Distribution centre

Worldwide distribution network The distribution centre of A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. is located at the site Görlitz More>>

Jobs and careers

A career at A.I. Schulze is more than just a job. It is your chance to work in a company which faces challenges and solves problems on a global scale. More>>


Sales structure



For us responsible action throughout the whole supply chain is important because we want to build up stable and long-term relationships with our business partners. More>>


Sales offices

The chemical engineering company A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K., Sole Manufacturer and Distributor is based in Germany and ranks among the world leaders and the most established manufacturers of professional sealing compounds. More>>

Facts & figures

The aim of all our activities is to achieve sustained economic success. We are committed to the interests of our customers and employees and accept our social responsibility. We aim to achieve a market and financial position that enables us to keep More>>



The chemical engineering factory “Chemotechnische Fabrik A.I. Schulze e.K.” was set up in 1952 More>>

Organisational structure

This chart clearly shows the organisation and structure of A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. More>>



The management of A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. represents the company’s interests as it’s top layer organisation and is obliged to increase the sustainable corporate value. More>>

Data protection

A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. welcomes visitors to its website. We are glad that you are interested in our company and products. More>>


Sustainability & stewardship

Dear Readers,
Innovative products and sustainable management are central and fundamental to our future success More>>


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