Sustainability & stewardship

We balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. Sustainable and responsible practices also equate to optimum levels of safety and protection at all times.

A.I. Schulze: Science For A Better Life

The success of our company is not only down to our technical expertise and business strategy. Our commitment towards society and the environment is also an essential factor of our identity and the measure of a company which operates sustainably. We accept our accountability and play our part in making the world a better place to live – in keeping with our mission statement: A.I. Schulze: Science For A Better Life

For a better world

Our business operations have spread to many countries around the world over the past decades. We have a great sense of duty and commitment to the companies and pride ourselves on our involvement. We are pleased to note the potential benefit of our know-how for the local people. 

Long-term protection of the environment and society

Environmental protection has been a watchword in Germany for years. It is also firmly rooted in our company. We were already adopting a consistent approach 50 years ago in reconciling our business operations with the protection of nature and the environment – and always keeping in step with the latest technologies in product manufacturing. 

Our innovative approach and technical knowledge contribute to the protection of the environment and society.