A compressor is used for the mechanical compression of gas inside cylinders. The compression process leads to an increase in the pressure and density of the gas and raises the temperature. This is exactly where BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® gets to work, with its resistance to high pressures and temperatures guaranteeing a 100% seal of the compressor.

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt®

Be on the safe side when it comes to sealing.

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® meets all the requirements in terms of reliability, resistance and ease of use. It also boasts prolonged elasticity.

Advantages at a glance:

  • BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® offers a 100% seal for all the relevant areas in the compressor, such as surfaces, intermediate gaskets and oil control valves.
  • BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® can be easily and quickly cleaned from the sealing areas when the compressor is dismantled, saving time during inspections and speeding up the resumption of normal operations.
  • BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® is a cost-effective solution which can be used to replace or enhance other sealing options.
Further possible applications: BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® can be used to optimise seals with solid materials. It is also suitable for use on surfaces as a replacement for conventional seals, such as the following:
  • O-rings
  • Flat gaskets
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Asbestos
  • Graphite
  • Metal gaskets