Worldwide distribution network

The distribution centre of A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. is located at the Siemens Energy AG site in Görlitz in Germany. Our products have been able to gain exposure in all markets in Europe and overseas due to a widespread distribution network.

We have local General Agencies in over 50 countries. They represent our company, which was set up 50 years ago, and support our customers with their innovative technology in industry and energy, finding the right solution to every problem thanks to their extensive expertise.

Modern logistics for reliable trade flows

A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K. boasts a high level of expertise in logistics, thereby guaranteeing a rapid, reliable and flexible delivery service for the customers at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff for more detailed information on packaging and delivery options.

A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K.
Johannes-Robert-Becher-Strasse 39
Logistics Department
Tel. +49 3581 75005-21
Fax +49 3581 75005-20


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