25. Mai 2012

Market launch of a new additive: linseed oil varnish

As the manufacturer of the proven product BIRKOSIT®, a single-component sealing material for the pressure and temperature-resistant sealing of critical metallic connections that has been marketed worldwide for 60 years, we are today announcing the market launch of our new linseed oil varnish additive.

The new linseed oil varnish, which can be ordered with immediate effect using the product number AIS B020, is packaged in 1 litre plastic bottles and, if stored correctly, has a storage life of 5 years.

The linseed oil varnish has been specially developed for use with our main product BIRKOSIT and is designed to improve its brushability.

A fundamental advantage in comparison to standard linseed oil varnishes, which have been used up to now for mixing with our BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® product, is that we guarantee the durability of our linseed oil varnish for 10 years!You can find out more detailed information in the product data sheet.



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