Certificate confirming the absence of chemicals

Certificate verifying absence of chemical substances

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt®

We, A.I. Schulze Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K., hereby confirm, in addition to the details in our documentation (updated Product Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet as per 1907/2006/EC, Article 31), to our customers
the following additional information:

The product BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt®
does not contain the chemicals listed below

  • fluoride
  • chloride
  • sulphur
  • lead

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt® is not a silicon-based product [poly(organo)siloxane].
It contains no silicon components.

The product is not classified as a hazardous substance.
Water hazard class: WHC 1 = Low hazard to waters

Information for A.I. Schulze only (taken from safety data sheet)

Görlitz, 31.07.2017

A.I. Schulze
Chemotechnische Fabrik e.K.

Development Department

General Manager


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